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Purpose:  The FluentWorkflow Module is the entry point for defining your workflow.  The FluentWorkflow Module exposes the IWorkflowBuilder that enables the configuration.

Our WorkflowConfigurationModule derives from FluentWorkflow<TWorkflow, TWorkflowState, TStateTrigger, TContext> where the generics define the types that describe the workflow.  You only need to override one method – Configure(..).

Shown below, the Configure method is called as part of the IoC registration process described in a later section.

Note the creation of the class below – the class name itself is up to you, the only key here is that it derives from the FluentWorkflowModule type.


   1:  public class WorkflowConfigurationModule : FluentWorkflowModule<DocumentType, WorkflowState, StateTrigger, IDocumentContext>
   2:  {
   3:      public override void Configure(IWorkflowBuilder<DocumentType, WorkflowState, StateTrigger, IDocumentContext> builder)
   4:      {


Once this class is created, move onto the next section on fluently configuring the workflow.

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