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FluentWorkflow is a library that allows you to define

  • a set of valid states
  • transitional triggers that define how to move between states
  • actions that need to be executed when exiting and entering states.

Given these components, FluentWorkflow goes beyond the generic state machine implementation and allows for discrete, interrelated actions to occur upon state change.  In short, this bridges the gap between generic state machines and larger tools like Windows Workflow Foundation.

In order to accomplish this goal, FluentWorkflow provides a simple fluent configuration DSL for describing workflows and also ordering of state actions.  You are also given the ability to do things like ‘auto-progressing’ from one state to another by a specific type of task. 

FluentWorkflow is focused on providing an environment where workflow tasks can be very small and focused.  These tasks can be ordered together to provide complex workflow scenarios that are easy to test, understand and even visuallize (visualization coming).

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