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Purpose:  Enumerate the triggers that are declared for the state step.

The FluentWorkflow StateEngine exposes the set of triggers that are valid to the engine. Keep in mind that this is a return set that includes all triggers along with information on whether they are valid on the current state.

The method signature looks like this:

   1:  IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<TTrigger, bool> IFluentStateEngine<T0, TTrigger,T1,T2>.GetTriggerOptions()
   3:  var validTriggers = from p in stateEngine.GetTriggers()
   4:                      where p.Value == true
   5:                      select p.Key;


Line #3 gives you a quick Linq syntax for getting an IEnumerable list of the valid triggers.  Since the state machine is tracking the current state, this list is contextually sensitive.

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